Bennett’s Mill gets its close-up

Tue, 07/17/2007 - 3:53pm
By: John Thompson

Like a proud parent showing off a new baby, Bennett’s Mill Middle School principal Rae-Presley King showed off the county’s newest school to the parents and media Monday.

The $11.4 million school is located next to Cleveland Elementary on Lester Road and will open to new students August 13. Presley-King could barely contain her enthusiasm for the new facility. One of the biggest “wow” factors in the new building is the school’s cafeteria, which also doubles as a facility for band and chorus concerts.

“We won’t have to go to any other school for our students to stage shows,” said Presley-King.

The cafeteria features a stage, along with multimedia projectors. The school features 15 science labs, 45 classrooms, six special education classrooms and three team planning rooms.

Bennett’s Mill also offers music rooms, along with a large art room, gymnasium and cafeteria. The school is also equipped with 61 security cameras and features skylights throughout the facility.

“It reminds a lot of people like a mini-Whitewater High School,” she said.

Projected enrollment for the 1,187-capacity school is just over 500 students.

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