Summer activities to keep the kids busy

Tue, 07/10/2007 - 3:52pm
By: The Citizen

Summer is here, school is out and unfortunately, many kids in the Peachtree City area will be sitting in front of a TV, computer or playing video games all day. It’s usually the time of year when kids get lazy, apathetic and gain weight.

My Gym Children’s Fitness Center in Peachtree City offers the perfect solution for keeping your kids fit and healthy this summer season. In addition to attending active, fun-filled classes and camps at the Peachtree City location, kids can also trade in their cartoons and game controllers for relays, races and hula hoops. My Gym engages them with a wide array of activities for home or for the park with friends and family.

"It's really important that kids stay active and fit all year round. My Gym is dedicated to making the exercises fun and exciting so that they don't even realize they are exercising, thus incorporating fitness into their lifestyles at an early age," said Keith Kantor, owner of My Gym of Peachtree City, located at 255 Clover Reach.

Children participate in games like Animal Relay where children pretend to be their favorite animals and act it out as they switch lines in a relay, or Freeze Tag where kids have to run and work to freeze all the kids playing the game. Other activities include Color Tag, Musical Hula Hoops, Red Light/Green Light Challenge, Snowball Game, and many more.

According to Kantor, the following activities are the My Gym of Peachtree City's "Top Ten Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer to Keep Them Up, Moving, and Having Fun!!"

Alphabet Soup Game: This game is a fun spin off of freeze dance! For youngsters, every time the music stops they need to yell the next letter in the alphabet. For your older children, when the music stops have them find a partner and make their bodies into the next letter of the alphabet!

You can start the game at "A" and go consecutively through the letters or start with "Z" and go backwards to make it more tricky!

Circle Chase: Have everyone participating sit in a circle! For youngsters, have the child chase the parent around the outside of the circle! For your older children, have three children chase at a time around their friends trying not to be passed by their friend behind them!

Color Tag: The game leader will yell out a color and a body part (Example: Toes on Red) and the children need to put their body part on that color! To make this game more tricky, yell out two colors and two body parts (Example: Stomachs on Yellow, Elbows on Green)!

Freeze Tag: This is a classic! One to three children are it and parents can play with younger children as their teammate. The three children that are it work to tag and freeze all of their friends!

Meow Mix Shuffle: When the music starts, the children all run around within the outlined play area. When the music stops they need to make a group of two. The next time the music stops they?ll have to find a group of three, then four and so on!

Musical Hula Hoops: This is a fun spin off of musical chairs, but rather than getting out when there aren?t enough chairs, the children work to fit as many people necessary within the remaining hoop(s)!

Red Light/Green Light Challenge: Start out by having your children play Red Light Green Light, but to make it more tricky, switch the colors and have blue mean go and yellow mean stop!

To the Line!: For this game, you’ll need to set up two lines approximately 12 - 15 feet apart. Children will split into teams and race from one line to the other, and back! To make this more tricky you can add pillow-sacks, or even try three-legged races!

Snowball Game: Why not!? Snow in the summer time!! You?ll need as many Nerf balls as you have children. When the music turns on, the children are able to throw snowballs (Nerf balls) at their friends, but when the music stops they have to pretend they are pillows and fall asleep!

Animal Relay: For this game, you?ll need two lines approximately 12 - 15 feet apart. Have the children move from line to line acting out different animals. They can be monkeys, snakes, giraffes, bears, frogs, cheetahs,elephants! You can even have them come up with their own animals!

For more information on My Gym of Peachtree City's summer games, classes, camps and birthday parties, please contact Keith Kantor at 770-631-3747.

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