Just who controls water use at Pavilion?

Tue, 07/10/2007 - 3:48pm
By: Letters to the ...

On the Fourth of July I went shopping in the Fayette Pavilion. When I left I took the exit to Ga. Highway 85, and I was livid that the water sprinklers were on at 2 in the afternoon and water was covering the street.

At a time when we are all asked to conserve water, why would a shopping center break the rules and waste gallons of water?

I felt it was my civic duty to report this to the water department so on the 5th I called the Fayetteville Water Department and was told this matter should go to the Fayette County Water Department. I called them and they said they have no control of water in the Fayette Pavilion.

Now I am not brain dead and I can figure out that the Fayette Pavilion has no lake to draw water from, so that was has to come from either the county or city water system.

County or city government controls water for the homeowners, and if you waste water on your lawn, you will be fined, but no one has control of water in a shopping center? What’s wrong with this picture?

If this drought continues and the county runs out of water for people to drink or water to fight fires, if no one has control of the use of water by the Fayette Pavilion, then we are all in trouble.

This matter has to be settled by the county or city government. However, we all know what happens when government is in control of anything: Everyone points the finger at the other and nothing gets done.

LeGay Saul

Fayetteville, Ga.

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