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Tue, 07/10/2007 - 3:46pm
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Even with all my family struggles, I love Peachtree City. When I moved here, my family was invited to come to the Peachtree Runners Club free summer program for the families in the community. My son had just turned 4 and my youngest daughter was 10.

We had a great time that summer watching all the little ones attempting to run their best in their heats. It would be 10 years later before we would be invited again to compete in this great summer program.

One of the school secretaries asked if my son would be participating in summer track because of his successful eighth-grade year at Rising Starr Middle School.

That was the start of a summer of track that I had no idea he would be involved in. That summer he was recruited by South Side Pioneers Track and Field Club of Fayette County, the other track team.

In 2002 a local track team was established for the youth track and field on the south side of metro Atlanta. My son has been a member of the team since 2005.

I can’t tell you stats of every student (all of whom are from every participating school in Fayette County) or the amount of time and energy the coaches and parents have given in support for their team.

What I can tell you is that because of this wonderful organization my son Theo has been able to travel and compete all over the state as well as Virginia and more recently to Disney’s Wide World of Sports in Orlando Florida.

Because of my family situation, I have not been able to financially support these activities that my son has attended but, it did not stop him from going. Thanks to the coaches and families of the athletes they’ve made a way.

This year my son is preparing to go to the State Games of America Track and Field Championship Meet after qualifying two years ago (first place) in the Georgia Games in the 4x100 relay. This was and is a team effort.

I would like to thank the coaches and parents for their diligence and ask the Fayette County community for your support in sponsoring this great organization and these marvelous young men and women who give up their summers to represent Fayette County on a national level.

Estella M. Echols

Estella1 (at)

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