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Tue, 07/10/2007 - 3:44pm
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This is in response to Beth Pullias’s letter to the editor, “Recruit Stores for PTC,” printed July 4, 2007.

While I applaud her proactiveness in helping to shape the future of PTC, I have some concerns. In agreeing with Beth that one would like to “maintain the uniqueness and charm that PTC holds,” one does not do this by encouraging chain stores to come to PTC.

All of those specialty stores that Beth mentions in her list are nationwide chain stores, much like Pep Boys, Hooters and Kohl’s, but on a smaller scale.

One must also consider whether the stores on the list are corporate owned vs. locally owned franchises. Why not make it conducive for our own residents to become store owners? Then it is our responsibility as citizens to support these stores, rather than the larger chains, in order to contribute to their success in the community.

I don’t know how many friends and neighbors were polled in order to get information, but there are many locally owned and operated businesses in PTC that mirror the list of stores: Benny’s Bear Factory, Lizard Thicket, Gypsy Warehouse, Mud Pies, Boulignini, Shenanigans, Wags to Whiskers, Pascal’s Bistro, to name a few.

All the above-mentioned stores spend a lot of dollars monthly to advertise in our local publications. Before corporate stores are recruited for PTC based on “research” I would suggest that it be more thorough.

There already is a build-a-bear-type store in PTC called Benny’s Bear Factory. It is unique and different in many ways then the typical Build A Bear. The animals are softer, and you can pick your own eyes. For a more personalized experience, parties are held in an 18 x 25 party room, rather than having the party in the middle of the sales floor, which is what BAB does.

Beth and neighbors, I invite you to come and shop at the new Park Place shopping center behind The Avenue (a short walk) on Clover Reach and support the independent, locally owned speciality stores there and all those in PTC.

Ben and Terry Paone, owners

Benny’s Bear Factory

Peachtree City, Ga.

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