Boot camps offered to get kids in shape, both physically and mentally

Tue, 07/10/2007 - 1:55pm
By: Michael Boylan

Carla Allen, owner of Fit 4 A new life Fitness in Fayetteville, offered a successful weight loss boot camp for women earlier this year. The camp got local women participating in aerobic exercise, gave them instruction in proper nutrition and created an encouraging support system for everyone involved. Allen now hopes to do something similar for children.

“Kids are too sedentary these days,” said Allen. “The physical education they get in schools is not enough.”

The boot camp for kids is offered five days a week from 3:30-4:30 p.m. and for a fee of $24.99 of a month children can come as often as they like.

In addition to the exercise the children will get, Allen and other instructors will also discuss nutrition.

“Nutrition is such an important component of weight loss,” said Allen. “We want them to be able to make better choices when they are picking lunches at school and we also want parents to help them choose healthy snacks as well.”

Allen also encourages the family to get fit together by promoting family activities like bike riding or walking around the block together.

Fit 4 A New Life Fitness also launched a summer enrichment boot camp this week that will have kids using their brains and bodies. It is Allen’s hope that the camp will get kids ready to go back to school. The camp is open to ages 9-17 and the fee is $90 a week. There is a $30 application fee.

For more information Contact: Carla Allen at 770-719-1838 or

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