Ulrich trials delayed

Mon, 07/09/2007 - 11:20am
By: Ben Nelms

The mental competency and murder trials for April Dawn Ulrich, set to begin Wednesday, have been delayed due to the death of the psychologist who was to be an expert witness for the defense.

The 46 year-old Ulrich is accused of murdering her husband Eric Paul Ulrich Oct. 26 in the NCR parking lot in Peachtree City.

Fayette County District Attorney Scott Ballard said the first phase of the two-stage trial, the mental competency trial, had been set to begin on Wednesday with jury selection for the guilt/innocence trial beginning on Friday. Both have been delayed until arrangements can be made to obtain the services of another psychologist, Ballard said.

GBI has launched an investigation into the apparent murder-suicide of psychologist John Currie and his wife, residents of Fannin County.

In a July 6 memo, Superior Court Judge Christopher C. Edwards relayed a request for continuance from Assistant Public Defender George Weldon, noting the oral motion “for continuance of the Ulrich competency trial and guilt/innocence trail due to the alleged unavailability of Dr. Currie, the defense’s sole expert witness in the competency trial.”

Judge Edwards acknowledged the district attorney’s agreement to reset the dates for the trials once the attorneys for both sides have conferred.

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