TDK lawsuit to be heard Friday

Tue, 07/03/2007 - 4:02pm
By: John Munford

Attorneys for Peachtree City and the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority will appear in court Friday to argue whether GRTA can force the city to make certain transportation improvements.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge John Goger will hear the case.

The suit was filed by Peachtree City, which is challenging whether it is bound to follow GRTA’s requirement that the bridge over Line Creek be built to accommodate four lanes of traffic.

Peachtree City officials previously insisted that the road should only be two lanes wide to avoid choking Ga. Highway 74 with traffic; last month the City Council voted to terminate the project.

GRTA officials have indicated the agency can withhold transportation funds from the city if it refuses to comply.

Part of the city’s complaint in the lawsuit is due to Peachtree City’s lack of power to control any facet of McIntosh Village, which would be built solely within the jurisdiction of unincorporated Coweta County.

Last month the City Council voted unanimously to halt the TDK Extension project. It became controversial earlier this year when a developer revealed plans to situate the 3,000-home “McIntosh Village” in unincorporated Coweta County directly off McIntosh Trail, with which the road extension would have linked.

Not only has the City Council deep-sixed the plan, but city officials have asked the Fayette County Commission to give back the $200,000 the city had forwarded to the county to cover part of the road’s construction costs. County officials have agreed to make that refund to the city.

Several City Council members have indicated they could support the extension of TDK in the future once Coweta County has increased its options to allow motorists at McIntosh Village to reach Interstate 85.

A number of city residents felt strongly that the TDK Extension would have been the principal route for McIntosh Village residents to reach Hwy. 74, in turn clogging the city’s main artery to I-85.

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