Palmetto Neighborhood Watch on patrol

Mon, 07/02/2007 - 8:35am
By: Ben Nelms

Palmetto residents came together a few months ago to explore ways to address crime issues in their neighborhoods. Those meetings led to the formation of a Neighborhood Watch group. Today, they have begun daytime patrols in some neighborhoods and are looking to expand their presence into the nighttime hours.

Group leaders Lucinda Rockemore and Murt Houston gave updates of Neighborhood Watch progress June 26 to the nearly four dozen residents in attendance. As significant as anything reported was the announcement that two daytime patrols had begun in targeted neighborhoods, Rockemore said. The next phase of citizen involvement will be the initiation of nighttime patrols, though residents will first be provided with a briefing by city police before those patrols begin, Houston said.

Other items on the group’s agenda included crime reports and a presentation on monitored and non-monitored alarm systems. Rockemore encouraged residents to keep ground floor windows and doors locked and to install heavy-duty dead-bolts and peepholes on entrance doors that should always be either solid-core wood or metal. Rockemore also provided information on personal security items including pepper spray and stun guns.

Houston at the end of the meeting summed up the ongoing sentiments of the citizens who attend the monthly Neighborhood Watch meetings.

“This is our town,” said Houston. “If we don't take care of it the crooks will take care of it.”

Also attending the meeting were Councilman John Miller, Detective John Cooper and Police Chief Bobby Fronebarger.

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