Life’s GPS

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I recently bought my wife, Lisa, a GPS device for her car. We hooked it up, typed in the destination of our first trip, and off we went. Amazing! It began to direct each turn we needed to make. “In 200 yards, turn left ... Exit left, and then turn right.”

A few times we needed to make a pit stop and we detoured off of the directed path. Immediately the device began to warn us and direct us to make turns that would get us back on the right path.

It was great. Lisa never had to encourage me to stop and ask for directions. Knowing that we had something we could trust to get us to our destination eliminated all fear of getting lost. It made the trip so much more relaxing as we simply obeyed the voice coming from this incredible answer to every woman’s prayer for a husband that won’t stop to ask.

Ephesians 1: 4 tells us that God has preset a destination for all of our lives. At the very moment we are saved, the Holy Spirit comes to live in us to direct us to this destination. He is daily endeavoring to lead us into God’s best. Our success in arriving at the destinations He has planned for us depends entirely on following His lead. “Turn left.” “Go there.” “Do this.” As long as we listen and obey, we’re guaranteed to arrive at the right place. The only problem is many times we don’t listen and we take detours.

Detours are those times when we don’t take the exit God says to take. When that happens, He lets us know we need to turn around and go back. As we continue to pass exit after exit, He still urges us to go back.

There comes a time when we’ve detoured so far that it’s not feasible to turn around. It’s at times like this that many people think their life is too messed up for God to use. They think He could never fix the mess that they’ve got themselves into.

Wrong! An amazing thing happens when you get too far off the path God has for you. The same thing happens with my, or my wife’s, new GPS. It recalculates a new route to the original destination. I can’t go anywhere that can shake my destination.

God’s mercy is just like that. No matter what happens, I can count on a loving Father who will get me to this place He has for me.

God has no plan B. He just has many ways to get you to plan A. Trust Him and see!

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