Water, sewer rates set to rise in Fayetteville?

Tue, 06/26/2007 - 4:44pm
By: Ben Nelms

It may be time for the second of three proposed increases in as many years for Fayetteville water and sewer customers. If approved by the City Council July 19, customers would see a 10 percent increase coming their way.

A breakdown of the proposed rate structure shows the residential cost for water at $15.85 for the 2,000-gallon base rate in 2007 going to $17.40 in 2008. Water prices for seniors, with a base rate set at 3,000 gallons, would go from $13.87 this year to $15.23 in 2008. Commercial water rates are currently $25 for the first 2,000 gallons and are proposed to increase to $29.50.

Sewer rates will see a similar increase, with the base residential rate going from $14 in 2007 to $15.50 in 2008. Sewer rates for seniors in 2007 are $12.20 and proposed at $15.23 next year. Commercial sewer rates will also increase from the current base at $25 to $27.50 in 2008.

Assistant Finance Director Ellen Walls gave examples of the city’s typical water and sewer bills and how those bills would be impacted by the proposed increase. Based on the current 7,500 gallons per month usage, current water bills of $27.78 would increase to $30.45 while sewer bills, now at $23, would increase to $25.85.

As in 2006, Walls cited several reasons for increasing water and sewer rates. Those included the increase in operating expenses, various debt service requirements, assistance in financing capital expenditures, building a reserve for water and sewer renewal and replacement of assets and the requirement to encourage water conservation throughout metro Atlanta.

If approved July 19, this year’s increase will be the second of a three-tiered user rate structure that was initiated last year with a 15 percent increase. A third increase, possible in 2008, might be in the range of 10 percent, said Walls.

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