Nothing to fear, ‘Nancy Drew’ is finally here

Thu, 06/21/2007 - 5:08pm
By: Kevin Thomas

Nancy Drew (Emma Roberts) has always had the answer to crime. So when her dad, Carson (Tate Donovan) moves her from River Heights to Los Angeles, Nancy quickly finds a mystery involving the death of a famous actress. Okay, the reason why they are moving to L.A. is because Carson has to do a temporary job as an attorney. Nancy promises her dad not to sleuth, but she goes against his wishes and tries to solve the mystery.

When Nancy goes to school the first day, she is teased over her obsession with old fashioned things like her penny loafers. She sticks out like a sore thumb. She does make one friend named Corky who assumes that he is her boyfriend. When Nancy’s other friend, Ned Nickerson shows up, he and Corky don’t get along. Then Nancy has a party that gets out of control.

Later, she is called by the villain who has already tried to kill her by running her over and putting a bomb in her Roadster Convertible. The house they move into has everything on it. A mystery, a creepy caretaker who keeps showing up out of nowhere, and a ghost. OOOOOOOH!

I’ve only read one of the Nancy Drew books, but I liked this movie anyway. It had mystery and Scooby Doo style music. I didn’t see any chemistry between Ned and Nancy, even though my sister thought Ned liked Nancy.

Rated PG for mild violence, thematic elements and brief language. And no, it is not just a chick flick.

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