Mcintosh agreement gets OK

Thu, 06/21/2007 - 3:42pm
By: John Thompson

Coweta County took steps Tuesday night to make sure the massive McIntosh Village is developed to the county’s standards.

“This just gives us a little more protection and will make sure it’s developed the way we want it,” said County Administrator Theron Gay.

The 13-page document covers many of the conditions that were placed on the rezoning of the 1,500-acre site on McIntosh Trail in eastern Coweta County.

In the agreement, Coweta County specifies the property will be built in an “accordance to a 10-year plan” and include a mix of housing sizes. One of the key provisions stipulates that no more than 1,000 residential units of projected 3,164 and 150,000 sq.ft. of commercials pace cannot be built until the TDK Boulevard Extension is completed.

“If these thresholds are reached prior to the completion of the Vernon Hunter Parkway and TDK Boulevard Extension, an analysis of the transportation and traffic flow patterns for this development shall be re-evaluated and submitted to the county before any additional residential units or commercial/office space is constructed,” reads the agreement.

The agreement also has the developer paying for many of the infrastructure improvements. If the development needs bigger waterlines or a water tank, Reese Developers could be on the hook for up to $500,000. Reese would also be responsible for traffic signals at Road B1 and McIntosh Trail and Vernon Hunter Parkway, Road B1 and Main Street at Vernon Hunter Parkway and Main Street and Road D1 at McIntosh Trail.

Reese Developers would also be required to pay $250,000 over five-year period to fund an aerial ladder truck when structures are constructed within the development that affects the ISO rating of the development.

Additionally, the developers would pay up to $900,000 for an upgrade of the TDK Extension bridge over Line Creek.

Reese would have to construct a road in the southern portion of the development that would serve as the future East Sharpsburg Connector from McIntosh Trail to Ga. Highway 16.

The developers will also have to fund the construction of a one million gallon per day wastewater treatment facility that would be owned and operated by Coweta County or its representative.

If the county discovers that additional taxes would be necessary to fund the services, the developers would agree to implement a special tax district.

The County Commission accepted the agreement unanimously.

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