DixieLand opens first roller coaster in park’s history

Tue, 06/12/2007 - 5:04pm
By: Michael Boylan

Riding the Big Iron

To watch a video of the rides at DixieLand click here.

Every year when David Glover and the staff of DixieLand Fun Park asked their patrons what they would like to see at the park, the number one response was always, “a roller coaster.”

“Our customers have been asking for a roller coaster for 15 years,” said Glover, the manager of DixieLand. “And they love it. Since the minute it opened it has become the number one ride in the park.”

In the off-season, Glover and the owners of DixieLand went looking for the biggest roller coaster they could find that would fit their park and their target audience. They found it and now the “Scream’n Eagle,” is open for business. It is one of 10 attractions that have been added to the park in 18 months.

While it won’t ever be confused with the big boys from Six Flags, the “Scream’n Eagle” is over four stories tall, has an initial 50-degree drop and pulls three Gs — three times the force of gravity. All of that means it may not look that imposing, but it offers up a heck of a ride.

“It really is faster and steeper than you think,” said Glover.

The coaster was put in over the course of five weeks and has been open to the public just under a month. It is extremely popular among patrons of all ages and Glover has seen some people ride it close to 10 times in a row.

In addition to the “Scream’n Eagle,” rides like the “Zip Line,” the “Screaming Swing,” and “Drop Zone,” have brought some thrills to the county. With certain armbands, all of those rides, as well as the bumper boats, go-karts and much more, can be enjoyed on an unlimited basis all day long.

For more information on DixieLand Fun Park, visit www.dixielandfunpark.com or call 770-460-5862.

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