Girls softball displays best sports attitudes

Tue, 06/12/2007 - 4:43pm
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Did anyone catch the NCAA Girls Softball World Series on ESPN last week? It was a match-up between the reigning champion Arizona Wildcats and the Tennessee Lady Volunteers. The Lady Vols were going for their first softball championship ever, and put up an amazing fight but ultimately fell to the Wildcats.

I have two girls who play softball, and a husband that coaches and helps to run a local league, so admittedly our family is biased for the sport. But, my son also plays baseball, and our family enjoys sports in general.

After watching this series, it solidified my feelings: Girl’s softball is all class. Every single player, and all of the coaches, were professional and kept their cool under fire at a level that I have never seen in Little League, travel baseball, NCAA baseball. Let us not even speak about professional baseball.

You did not see players throwing hissy fits, or umpires getting cursed out, or pitchers deliberately trying to hit batters; there was NONE of that. The girls just played ball. The umpires called the game, and the best team won.

When coaches were questioned about why the team was not performing well, they did not make excuses, they simply said the team was not executing. It was not only enjoyable, but refreshing.

My girls have been playing softball in Fayette County for about six years now. Character, playing as a team, mental focus, and having FUN have been emphasized since they were the youngest of ages.

The physical skills required to play ball can be mastered by anyone who is willing to work hard. But it is the mental attitude, and camaraderie amongst the girls that makes the game a joy to watch, and the victories so sweet.

Softball is the only sport that I can testify to that puts attitude first, and talent second. Can any other sport say that?

With this in mind I can understand why the NCAA Girls Softball World Series was so great. This emphasis on character and mental discipline is not just taught to the 8-, 9-, and 10-year-old girls in Fayette County. It is required of even the best in the sport.

I for one will continue to encourage my girls to play softball. Not because I think they will one day be the best, but because there are few activities out there that will teach young girls that attitude really is everything. Strength of character really does trump strength of body. I love that. Anyone out there that has a little girl and wants her to be developed physically but more important, mentally, try the sport of softball.

I cannot vouch for every coach, but generally the softball programs in this county are great. Most of the programs start registering for fall in July: Peachtree City Girl’s Softball Association, located off of Rockaway Road in PTC,; Brooks Softball, Brooks Connector,; Fayette County Softball Association, McCurry Park, Fayetteville,; Tyrone Softball Association, Byewood Lane, Tyrone,

Support softball — For the girls. Yes, but this is what team sports should be all about.

Beth Pullias

Peachtree City, Ga.

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