PTC waives golf cart registration for July 4

Mon, 06/11/2007 - 10:41am
By: John Munford

The following text is a news release issued by Peachtree City in reference to a waiver that will allow unregistered golf carts to be used in the city for the July 4 holiday.

At the June 6 meeting, the Peachtree City Mayor and Council voted to waive golf cart registration requirements from July 3 to July 5 for the 4th of July Holiday. Representatives from Bulldog Supply requested the action due to the high demand for rental golf carts for the holiday, noting that they have a supply of unregistered carts that they normally lease to area golf courses outside the City. Waiving the registration requirements would provide a greater supply of carts from Bulldog and other local dealers to meet the demand for rental golf carts over the holiday.

Peachtree City Public Information Officer Betsy Tyler said, “Waiving the registration requirements will provide visitors and residents alike a better opportunity to enjoy Peachtree City’s July 4th Celebration.”

Golf cart views of the morning parade and the evening fireworks over Lake Peachtree from golf carts is very popular in Peachtree City, which has over 8,000 registered golf carts.

Tyler noted, “Council’s extension of the dates from July 3 to July 5 will give everyone time to pick up and get unregistered rental carts back to the dealers without breaking any rules.”

All other rules governing Peachtree City’s paths and golf carts will still be enforced. A complete listing is available on Peachtree City’s web site,

Peachtree City’s ordinances allow Council to waive golf cart registration requirements for special tourism related events. Council took similar action to allow out-of-city spectators to enjoy the April Tour de Georgia from their golf carts.

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