Biemiller announces candidacy

Mon, 06/04/2007 - 8:47am
By: Ben Nelms

Biemiller announces candidacy

Long-time clinical social worker and South Fulton/Fayette Community Task Force Chairman Connie Biemiller announced Thursday her intention to run for Georgia’s 66th District seat in the House of Representatives currently occupied by Rep. Virgil Fludd.

As much as anything, Biemiller’s decision to seek political office came after nearly a year as task force chairman. She founded the organization in response to what came to be hundreds of illnesses reported last spring and summer in both counties after residents breathed chemicals they first believed were harmless wild onions. The task force grew quickly, encompassing large areas of north and central Fayette County and the Fife and Oakley areas of south Fulton and some portions of Fairburn and Union City.

“In this very yard one year ago, you could not even stand to stay outside more than five minutes due to inhaling life-threatening fumes,” Biemiller said, announcing her candidacy in the home of her grandmother, Doris High, who lives near Christian City. “It has become more and more apparent to many of us that state laws must be changed. Due to the lack of a take-charge attitude by those who are presently charged to serve us, I feel I would be remiss if I do not try to accomplish all that I can on behalf of our community.”

“I am a clinical social worker by trade and see advocating for my community a natural extension of this service,” Biemiller continued. “I listen and problem-solve on a daily basis. These are skills I feel are vital for an elected official to encapsulate. My skills in bridge-building and leadership have been finely tuned over the years as I have served as president of church boards and various human service boards.”

District 66 covers areas of central and north Fayette and south Fulton counties. It was large portions of those same areas most affected last year, and today, by the chemical release. It was in those same areas where Biemiller, and others who quickly joined the effort, came to regard those communities as one large community where so many were sick, one where county lines, demographics and party affiliations were inconsequential, where what really mattered was whether residents and their families were actually safe and healthy in their homes. In their fight, the task force went head-on against corporate officials and state and federal agencies who still maintain the illnesses were more minor inconveniences than serious health issues.

“As part of my listening, especially over the past year, it is clear that the citizens of my community do not feel their voices are being heard on a number of vital matters. I have no fear when it comes to taking a stand for what is right and feel I have proven that in my actions, not just in my words. And I am prepared to do so in the years to come as state representative of District 66,” Biemiller said. “I want to take this opportunity to invite our community to stand with me, for I do not enter this race with money or political connections, only as a representative of the people. I look forward to this new journey with great anticipation and know that there is much that can be accomplished, for we are a community that is willing to stand together and are willing to take the risk to do that right thing for our neighbors.”

Biemiller also attends church in south Fulton at Christ Our Hope Lutheran Church. She is married to husband David and has two children, Emily and Aaron.

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