eAuction Depot brings unique service to Fayetteville

Wed, 05/30/2007 - 9:27am
By: Kristine Loughman

eAuction Depot brings unique service to Fayetteville

It is true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and no one knows this better than Yvonne Musson and John Biga, owners of eAuction Depot in Fayetteville.

EAuction Depot allows people to drop off the items they no longer need and have them listed on eBay, turning junk into profit with little to no effort on their part. Once an item is delivered to eAuction Depot, Yvonne and John have a simple nine step process, including product research, photography of the items, listing on eBay, shipping the item once an auction closes and cutting their customers a check for the profit.

“It’s the great thing about our business,” Yvonne says. “The average home has 2200 dollars in unused items. It’s wonderful to see an item that someone from the community has brought in that sells to the highest bidder for much higher than the seller expected.”

Yvonne got into the eBay auction business after a 20 year career with the Ford Motor Company, seven of which were spent at the assembly plant in Hapeville. She calls this change in career “refreshing.”

“I was a production superintendent at the Hapeville plant with 110 hourly and six salary employees reporting to me,” she explains. “As a mid-level executive female in the automotive industry, it was tough.” When Ford announced the Hapeville plant closing, Yvonne and John decided not to relocate, choosing to remain in Fayetteville where they had made a home.

After looking at many other job opportunities, Yvonne came across eAuction Depot and was impressed. She is now a part of a rapidly growing franchise that provides a service not only to individuals but also the community. “We provide a means for fundraisers to raise money for their organization or charities. We reduce our commission scale and forward the winning funds to the fundraising organization per their request,” Yvonne says.

Yvonne is an active member of the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce and the Fayette County Board of Education through the Partners in Education program, teaching seventh graders the value of education. Additionally, Yvonne and John hired their first employee, Kyndall Pratt, a Whitewater High School student, and hope to help her gain some knowledge about small business operations during her employment with eAuction Depot.

“It’s great to interact with people in the community. John goes out and calls on local businesses and individuals who have requested house calls. We both meet new people from the community daily,” Yvonne says.

The response from the community has been positive. Business owners needing to liquidate their stores have come to eAuction Depot to help them get the most out of their inventory. The store’s showroom features some of the unique items up for auction on eBay, giving other potential customers ideas of what they can bring in to list.

“We have created a wonderful repeat business partner with Nancy Gouch,” Yvonne says. “She came into the store with a pair of vintage sterling silver goblets. She was unaware of the value of these goblets and after we conducted the research of the value, listed them, sold them and wrote her a check, everyone was happy. The buyer was happy, Nancy was happy and eAuction Depot in Fayetteville was happy. It was a win, win, win situation and that is what we strive for.”

For more information about eAuction Depot, visit www.eauction-depot.com and search for the Fayetteville store. The store is located at 535 Glynn Street South, Suite 2005 in Fayetteville. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 678-817-9755 for more information.

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