Local company offers money management help for seniors

Wed, 05/30/2007 - 9:24am
By: The Citizen

A new and growing profession of Daily Money Managers (DMMs) is becoming more and more prevalent across the county. DMMs help individuals and families with the tasks of handling their personal paperwork. This may include bill paying, checkbook balancing, filing, organizing and budgeting. This service can also expand to more complex tasks such as reviewing and tracking medical insurance claims and payments or tax preparation services. DMMs can help older adults maintain independence while providing adult children with peace of mind, knowing their parents’ needs are being met. Additionally, may DMMs can provide either social support services or local referrals to such services.

Older adults as well as busy professionals are likely to engage the services of DMMs. In today’s world, more individuals are taking care of children as well as aging parents, therefore leaving little time for leisure pursuits. DMMs services can take care of a variety of personal business and paperwork tasks, thus providing more time to families for other pursuits. Differing levels of assistance can be provided as needed. Some need more frequent personal interaction requiring the DMMs to visit a client in the home, while some have only their bills sent to the DMMs’ office.

My Personal Assistant, in Fayetteville, GA, is available to help local clients with their personal paperwork needs by offering Daily Money Manager services. Barbara Hundley, owner and founder of My Personal Assistant, has a business degree from UTC and 40 years of extensive experience with heavy concentrations in Accounting and Human Resources. Since 2000, she was employed with Townsend Tax Services of Morrow. She has children and grandchildren in the Fayette County area, is a member of the McDonough Road First Baptist Church and was actively involved in the Henry County Community before relocating to Fayetteville in 2006. Hundley has provided these services to many family members and friends for years, before starting My Personal Assistant. She offers a free consultation to determine how My Personal Assistant can meet the needs of individuals or their loved ones.

For more information about the services offered by My Personal Assistant, contact Barbara Hundley at 678-817-6805 or email at info@my-personal-assist.com. You can also obtain a brochure on the company website at www.my-personal-assist.com.

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