FreeSpeech for 5-23-07

Tue, 05/22/2007 - 4:45pm
By: The Citizen

Can someone please tell me what genius timed the light at Ga. Highway 74 and Dogwood Road so that it’s green for 40 seconds on Dogwood Road but green for only 10 seconds on Hwy. 74 at 5 in the morning?

My cat keeps begging me to take him to Tinseltown.

Geez, leave the mice in the movie theater alone. They gotta eat too.

A true definition of “White Trash”: Those educated, occasionally uneducated, individuals who discard paper cups and other paraphernalia along the cart paths, or out the window of their “Support Our Troops”-stickered automobiles, and/or un-stickered vehicles. Remember, our troops are fighting for our rights, not our wrongs. Borrow the expression, “Get a life,” change it to “Get a plastic bag,” and carry with you along the cart paths, or in your automobile. Let’s clean the paths and streets, so that whenever our troops do get to come home, the paths and streets will be cleaner than when they left.

Re: blankets on grass on the 4th of July — What a joke! If Peachtree City was that concerned about the grass, why is the entrance of my subdivision on a three-month mowing rotation? I’m serious: they come once every three months. The only thing I’m going to accomplish by waiting until 3 p.m. to stake my claim, is my family of six (four kids) won’t get to see OUR fireworks. Peachtree City government is a bunch of hypocrites.

The noise has become such a nuisance around the area where we live in PTC that we have to move. Between the loud blaring noise of the car stereos at all hours, day and night, it is not unusual to hear them at 5 a,m. or 1 a.m. The same with barking dogs. Why have two or three dogs when you are not at home all day? And in this case, large dogs. I never see them being walked. I feel sorry for the people who live along Hwy. 74 now, with all the trees gone. Why did they not take more land from the industrial side of 74 and leave more of a green belt for the homeowners? That would have been too easy, I suppose. PTC has a nuisance ordinance; why is that not enforced?

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all of the caring individuals who graciously, and without prompting, fill my mailbox daily with dinner invitations to the fine restaurants throughout Fayette County. Their genuine concern for my financial welfare and for my ability to enjoy a comfortable retirement knows no bounds. Their generosity and willingness to share their vast resources of wealth and knowledge with the less fortunate of the world goes above and beyond the call of duty. In good conscience, I feel there are many others in Fayette County more deserving of these meals than I am. That’s why I donated my free dinner tickets to a group of migrating immigrants in an orange and purple van. The odds of selling rip-off, trash annuities to these wayward wanderers who do not speak English are a thousand times greater than selling to me. In addition, the citizens of Fayette County who are already retired should be sending dinner invitations to these sly hustlers who are frantically shaking the sucker bushes looking for an easy fruit basket. They have got to be hungry. By the way, the sucker bush is the state bush of Georgia. And anybody who attends one of these seminars just fell off of one.

It’s that time of year again. Parents have received notification if their child failed any portion of the state CRCT tests required for promotion. Of course, No Child Left Behind means just that — pass them on anyway. Let ‘em go to summer school, have another try at the test, and when they fail it again, have a meeting and decide to let them go ahead and promote. Parents, it’s not in the best interest of your kid. If they failed, admit they haven’t learned the material, give them a good talking to (or more) and make them repeat the grade. You can be sure they will behave better at school and be a better student the second time around.

Need a second major airport in the Atlanta area? Why not Peachtree City? I’m sure Mayor Logsdon and his city council could find an area in town to annex.

Water wasted at Braelinn Kroger. I wish someone from the city would look into this. Kroger has a water outlet on the right of the front door. The water has been dripping for months now. According to the American Water Works Association, a faucet leaking just two drops per minute can waste up to 105 gallons a year.

In response to “Stop trash-talking the President,” please consider the following. As if trained by Rush Limbaugh himself, Mr. Post begins his letter by providing a very positive reminder of our recent history and the truth surrounding the strong public backing of the President Reagan’s message to the failing Soviet Union. Then in true Limbaugh style, that truth is twisted and turned in order to make a point about the situation of the present. The truth is this: the nation was behind President Reagan specifically because as a whole the population agreed with the message. Today, the nation in majority is opposed to the current President’s message and policy and that is specifically why the President is not supported. We elect our government representatives (including the President) to serve US, not so that we may serve THEM. Unfortunately, unlike President Reagan, President Bush is not a “Great Communicator” which is in large part why there is such discontent being voiced. Instead of dismissing detractors (who grow in numbers every day) with flippant sound bites like, “I am the Decider,” or “Mission accomplished,” and continuing to use fear to motivate, the President would be better served to lay out to the American people a specific goal (not “Defeat Terrorism”) with a thoughtful and rational plan to reach that goal. Alas, too many of us believe that this is beyond our President’s abilities, and I for one take no delight in saying so.

Anybody who thinks extending the TDK road is a good idea is just plain nuts.

So, “astronomical” gas prices are now the principle cause of poverty (Free Speech 05/16/2007)? Well, from a European now happily settled in the USA, and well used to truly high gas prices, here are a few general observations: Don’t buy V6 or V8 trucks unless you have to own one. Buy a car; better still, buy a car with stick-shift. Do make kids ride the school buses (they’re paid for anyway) instead of driving them to/from school and sitting in a line for 30 minutes to pick them up with the engine and a/c running. Don’t leave your truck/car engine running to keep it cool inside while you run into the post office. Similarly, don’t run your engine for 20 minutes on a December morning to warm the inside up. Really, it does NOT get cold here (ask someone from Minneapolis). Don’t queue in the drive-thru for half an hour when the restaurant is empty; park and go in. Don’t buy big cars for children when they pass their test at 16. Better still, don’t let children drive till they are 17. Then put them in the smallest car possible while they really learn how to drive. Do Rideshare wherever possible. Don’t complain about the price of gas while sipping on your $4 latte at Starbucks It is proven that sustained high gas prices (whatever the cause) do affect consumption habits. If increased tax on gas ultimately leads to investment in public transport and a reduction in wasteful practices, is that really so bad?

Congress’s plan for our national sovereignty proves that they are country music fans: “Just Give It Away.” If you think there IS something here worth fighting for, call those give-away consters before they set their plans in cement.

Of all immigrants, Spanish-speakers have greatest problem (willingness?) in learning English. If (when?) their numbers increase, will they be less or more able (willing) to learn English?

If the Democrats get a Fairness Doctrine for just one segment of the media (talk radio), does that mean that movie-makers will be forced to give equal time for movies/TV with decent, mainstream values? No women to woman or man to man sex scenes, no gallons of gore, just decent stories about decent people leading decent lives.

I want everyone to know how horrible the Golden Corral treats mom. My hard-working husband and children took me to the aforementioned restaurant for Mother’s Day. The chain had the nerve to raise their prices for the same service and food specifically for Mother’s Day. The Golden Corral took this special opportunity to gouge my husband and others who wanted to treat their mom to dinner. When I called the district manager to voice my opinion on this disgraceful act, he said they planned to raise their prices for Father’s Day also. Just thought the paying public should know.

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