Students excel at graduation test

Sun, 05/13/2007 - 11:45am
By: John Thompson

The spring 2007 Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) results show an increase in the percent of students passing the examination for all subjects tested.
According to the spring 2007 score reports for all 11th grade first time test takers, three percent more students passed in social studies and science compared to the 2006 results. Likewise, English language arts and mathematics each had a one percent increase.
Score percentages were 100 percent in English language arts, 98 percent in mathematics, 98 percent in social studies and 90 percent in science.
Additionally, the majority of Fayette’s students scored in the “pass plus” category, meaning that they tested above the standard for that particular subject. This year’s “pass plus” score percentages were 86 percent in English language arts, 76 percent in mathematics, 90 percent in science and 98 percent in social studies.
In comparison to state results, Fayette’s students scored higher in the “pass plus” category by 2 percent in English/language arts, 3 percent in mathematics, 7 percent in social studies and 13 percent in science. The county also scored higher percentages with total passing students ranging from 7 to 11 percent according to the subject.

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