Chetayla McGruder

Wed, 05/09/2007 - 10:45am
By: The Citizen

‘An angel to our family’

Chetayla McGruder - 35, Peachtree City

Chetayla is the proud mother of our four children: Nia, 7; Whitney, 4; and twins Zoe and Zion, 7 months old. She is the step mom of two: Jacquinita, 20 and Ronald, Jr., 15; and the grandmother of three: Zykerria, 5; Anterrio, 6; and Jacquez, 3 months old. She prides herself on watching them all grow and making a lasting footprint on their lives, and mine as well. She takes the time out to laugh, talk and play with all of them at their individual stage and level of development.

It seems as though God delivered an angel to our family when he sent my wife-she’s amazing! Not because of her heavy load of responsibilities, but because she seemingly does it all with the greatest of ease, patience and sincerity.

- Ronald McGruder

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