Sheila McKenzie

Wed, 05/09/2007 - 10:37am
By: The Citizen

‘Doing what is right’

Sheila McKenzie

Sheila McKenzie - 69, Peachtree City

A new “democratic socialist” Jamaican government made it illegal to depart Jamaica with any money, resulting in a drastic lifestyle reduction for my parents when we came to American in 1977. They moved us here solely to ensure our future higher education. Education was always the family focus. Our American neighborhood was chosen based on the school system, not our limited income. We had to move every time the rent increased just to stay in that school district. That first winter had a record snowstorm. We got new winter clothes, while she simply wore thermal underwear the Jamaican clothes.

My mother moved to Peachtree City when my eldest daughter started kindergarten and I don’t know what I would do without her. My children adore her and keep her informed daily of the activities of our household.

My mother taught me not to accept any standard but excellence and the total irrelevance of “what everyone else is doing”. She also taught me to be honest regardless of the cost, to be fair, never to be a “user of people”, to be uncompromising in doing what is right, and there is nothing wrong with people knowing your age and that you can be beautiful with gray hair.

- Anne Marie Brown

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