Student limits stricken from proposal

Thu, 04/26/2007 - 3:11pm
By: John Munford

Music teachers complained it would hurt recitals, group lessons

The latest version of an update to Peachtree City’s ordinance regulating home businesses will not impact local music teachers.

The original rewrite proposed to the City Council would limit the teachers to having no more than two students in the home at one time, but that has since been removed from the ordinance.

City staff is confident that the current version of the ordinance, which limits business parking to off-street areas will help address any problem that might occur, according to a memo to Council from city officials. The matter will now be sent to the city’s Planning Commission for review and then later brought back to Council for a formal vote.

The intent of refreshing the ordinance is to help protect the “residential character” of neighborhoods while also loosening restrictions of the current ordinance, staff said in the memo.

For example, the current ordinance prohibits in-home daycare businesses from allowing the children to play outside. The new ordinance allows the kids to play outside as long as the activities don’t become a nuisance and no outside storage of materials takes place.

Music teachers had complained that the now-axed language would have kept them from hosting recitals in their homes, but it would have allowed other home-based businesses such as Mary Kay consultants to have events involving a similar amount of cars parking on or near the street at their homes.

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