Fayette resident says ‘I Do’ to Bridegroom Ken Doll

Mon, 04/23/2007 - 11:17am
By: The Citizen

Strange but true: in all the history of Barbie and Ken, they have yet to get married, despite the numerous Bride Barbie Dolls that CNN has reported as a manifestation of Barbie’s “wishful thinking.” Perhaps that’s why on Thursday, March 29, Clayton State University student April Greenway found Wedding Ken waiting for her with an engagement ring in hand from her now fiancé, Clayton State student Shaun Brooks.
“Shaun and I eat lunch outside on campus fairly frequently,” says Greenway. “I was pulling the blanket out of the bag when Shaun told me that there was something in the bag for me.
“I pulled out a Wedding Ken doll. Inside the box was also a little ring bearer with a pillow. The doll apparently comes with a little plastic ring for little girls and he had replaced that ring with my engagement ring. The box said, ‘Will you marry me?’ I looked down and he was on his knee.”
Brooks chose to propose on the Clayton State campus because it was such a familiar place for the couple.
“He and I have both become very fond of the scenery behind the music building,” says Greenway.
The couple plans to marry on Oct. 11, 2008 on the beach at Hilton Head Island.
Greenway and Brooks have known each other since 2005 when they met in classes they shared together at Clayton State. They are both music majors with Greenway planning to graduate in Spring 2008 and Brooks planning to graduate in Spring 2009. After graduation, they plan to continue their education by pursuing master’s degrees in elementary music education, for Greenway, and sound engineering, for Brooks.
They are currently residents of Fayette County, with Greenway living in Fayetteville and Brooks living in Peachtree City.

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