PTC wins Community Challenge

Sat, 04/21/2007 - 7:16am
By: Michael Boylan

Peachtree City won the Community Challenge of the BriarRose Grand Peloton cancer fund raiser for the Georgia Cancer Coalition.

"We raised in the neighborhood of $10,000," said Lee McCoy. "I was the number one fund raiser for the second year in a row with $8,410. We were told that overall, even with fewer riders, we raised more money this year than last year which was $50,700."

Bicycles Unlimited owners Mark and Holly Anderson were presented with a very nice plaque in recognition of their sponsorship of the PTC fund raising team. The PTC team along with the top 15 individual fundraisers will get to ride across the finish line of the final stage of the Tour de Georgia on Sunday around noon in downtown Atlanta.

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