Developer pulls county rezoning for subdivision

Tue, 04/17/2007 - 4:34pm
By: John Munford

A developer has withdrawn plans to locate a 92-home subdivision on a 213-acre site in unincorporated Fayette County bordered by Davis Road and Ebenezer Church Road.

Randy Boyd, representing developer Dan Stinchcomb, withdrew the rezoning petition at last week’s meeting of the Fayette County Commission, saying he wanted to make sure various conditions on the project would be approved by the commission.

But County Attorney Bill McNally told the commission that the various conditions would not be enforceable by the county and thus the commission shouldn’t approve them.

The property is currently zoned agriculture residential requiring minimum lot sizes of five acres each. Boyd admitted that two years ago the developer submitted a plan for 142 lots on the site.

“We admittedly tried to jam as many homes as we could on the property,” Boyd said, adding that the conditions he proposed for the current rezoning of 92 homes would not allow that to happen.

But after he sized up the commission’s response to McNally’s suggestion, Boyd decided to withdraw the rezoning petition, ending the rezoning bid for now.

Among the conditions on the rezoning was the inclusion of a three-acre buffer between the development and Ebenezer Baptist Church.

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