County agenda: Barns, storage units

Tue, 04/03/2007 - 4:23pm
By: John Thompson

The Fayette County Commission is going to spend this afternoon on two subjects that have been the source of heated discussions in the past — rural accessory buildings and mini-warehouses.

Commission Executive Assistant Carol Chandler said Commissioner Herb Frady wants to discuss the two issues with his fellow commissioners. The first issue centers around accessory buildings, such as a storage shed or barn.

Chandler said the subject is mentioned in several zoning classifications, but said sometimes problems occur when someone wants to build a big barn on an R-70 tract of property, which has a two-acre minimum lot size.

“A person could have 100 acres zoned R-70, but still only be allowed to build two small structures, instead of one large one,” she said.

The other controversial item to be addressed is where mini-warehouses belong in the county zoning ordinances. Several years ago, the county removed storage units from the commercial zoning category and placed them in light industrial zoning.

But some business owners could want to expand their storage units that were grandfathered in the commercial areas and are now wondering how that is covered by county ordinances.

In other business, the county will:

• Discuss the annual renewal of employee benefits.

• Hold a discussion of adult day care facilities in the zoning ordinance.

• Talk about bad debt expense and issue a request for proposal for collection services as presented by Fire and Emergency Services.

The meeting starts at 3:30 p.m. at the county complex on Stonewall Avenue.

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