Land use plan

Thu, 03/29/2007 - 2:26pm
By: The Citizen

Completion of Coweta County’s massive comprehensive land use plan and associated ordinance revisions is in sight. The comprehensive land use plan guides development by preserving some rural character while allowing for inevitable community growth over the next 20 years. The plan is meant to be a “living” document – open to changes and updates if necessary.

The “Be Something Different” campaign helped kick off this effort and still guides the decisions of the commission. Efforts focus on developing tools that allow growth to occur in ways that are different from other communities and in ways that strive to preserve greenspace.

“Coweta is growing at a consistent 4-5% a year – adding 26,000 citizens since 2000. We cannot put up a gate but we can develop ordinances and approaches that help put the brakes on over-development, that allow our infrastructure to attempt to catch up with the growth and that ultimately limit the number of parcels and lots that can be developed in Coweta,” said Coweta County Commission Chairman Tim Higgins.

Final discussion of the Villages Ordinance will occur at the April 3 meeting. The Commission will provide concluding feedback to the Planning Department and a final draft version of the complete zoning ordinance will be prepared. This document will then be open for public comment at the April 17, 2007 Coweta County Commission meeting. Watch the county website for this revised version of the zoning ordinance.

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