Local girl wins Globetrotter tickets from The Citizen Newspapers for dad and brothers

Thu, 03/22/2007 - 3:47pm
By: The Citizen

Harlem Globetrotters ticket winners

Tyrone resident Christy Holmes recently entered The Citizen Newspapers’ Harlem Globetrotters contest in hopes of winning a family four-pack of tickets for her father and three younger brothers who have been a little down on their luck lately.

“We are big fans of the Globetrotters! Especially the legends Wilt Chamberlain, Willie ‘Wee’ Gardner, and William ‘Pop’ Gates. My three little brothers would love to see the Globetrotters up close. My parents could never afford tickets to take them, and they have never got to experience anything like that and would absolutely love it! Given the opportunity, I would jump at the chance to give them memories of watching the Harlem Globetrotters,” wrote Holmes in her winning entry.

Upon winning the tickets, Holmes was nearly in tears when she got the call that she was one of the winners. She immediately came by The Citizen’s offices to pick up her tickets and told The Citizen’s marketing and promotions manager Dionne Ryff how happy she was to be able to give her father, Alton Webb, and brothers, Brady, Gabe and Corey Webb, this gift.

After the event, Holmes sent The Citizen a letter telling about her father and brothers’ experience at the Globetrotters game, “I wanted to thank you again for the Globetrotter tickets, my dad and brothers send their thanks too. They had a blast. My two youngest brothers, Corey and Gabe, were able to get autographed basketballs.

They so deserved this outing. My dad works so hard, long hours, he is a single parent of three boys and I could not be more proud of him. He is the perfect image of a great dad. I never imagined he could do it on his own, but he does! He is a good man! But, recently things have been tough around his house. There have been a few incidents that have really forced tough times on my dad and brothers, but they have pulled through. My dad works more than full time, and has a nanny every day to take care of his boys. It takes all he makes just to provide, sometimes its tough to afford fun things to do, and I loved to see them all four together at this game. My dad values his time with the boys, and this game made it so special last weekend. My brother Gabe wore his Globetrotters jersey and got it autographed!

I am truly grateful to The Fayette Citizen for making this possible. I know it may seem like only a basketball game in some people's sight, but it was much more to my family and me. I know my brothers will hold onto that experience for a lifetime.”

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