Line Creek area mystery solved

Thu, 03/15/2007 - 4:21pm
By: John Munford

Ribbons on trees due to tree survey; no cutting planned yet

The mystery about the ribbon-marked trees near the Line Creek Nature Center has been solved.

It turns out that the ribbons were tied around the trees as part of the city required tree survey that must be conducted on the property in advance of the new shopping center that is proposed to be built north of the site.

Flexxon Operating wants to build a 148,000 square foot shopping center that would be north of the nature center. Flexxon’s tract extends from Ga. Highway 54 southward and encompasses part of the lake at the nature center.

A Flexxon employee confirmed this week that the company is not at the phase where trees will be cut down yet. The city-required tree survey was instituted recently to help city officials work with developers to figure out how to save trees of particular size and location.

The company has proposed swapping the part of the lake it owns in exchange for a piece of city-owned land directly off Hwy. 54 which is immediately adjacent to the proposed shopping center.

The City Council has yet to vote on whether or not to accept such a land swap.

The largest store building in the proposed complex is 29,000 square feet. The shopping center’s total square footage is just under the city’s big box limitations of 150,000 square feet.

The planning commission has given Flexxon a tentative approval for a site plan that shows the company owning and using the city-owned parcel that it is seeking. But the plan will have to go back before the commission if the land swap is ultimately voted down by council.

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