Local real estate professional reveals 29 vital home selling tips

Tue, 03/13/2007 - 1:50pm
By: The Citizen

Local home owners now can avoid stress and have easier access to important information thanks to Mya Carden, a top-producing area agent who reveals in a new special report several ways consumers can get the most out of their home sales. Mya recently announced that she is offering her special report, 29 Essential Tips That Get Homes Sold Fast (And For Top Dollar), as a free community service to any consumer selling a home in Fayette County.

Based on his experiences as a real estate professional [since 1983], the report gives readers an in-depth look at many of the most important decisions that face home sellers in today’s competitive real estate market, Mya says. For Mya, publishing the report has given her the opportunity to share the knowledge he has gained through helping many area home owners over the years.

Providing Valuable Information

“Every year I see so many home sellers make the same mistakes in marketing their homes and negotiating their sales,” Mya says. “It’s so frustrating to know that I could have helped them avoid those problems if only I’d had the chance to talk with them. I hope that this report will get the word out that there are several things sellers can do to better achieve their goals with less hassle if only they have the right information.”

To Mya, information is the most critical asset a home seller can have. “For first-timers, the decisions and implications of selling their most important investment can seem overwhelming,” she says. “Even experienced home sellers can’t always keep up to date with the changes in the real estate market or find ways to overcome the problems they ran into last time.
They’re looking for answers, but they keep finding more questions.”

Avoiding Stressful Situations

What’s more, Mya says, even though a professional Realtor may be able to help them, many home owners don’t contact one because they either don’t know who to call or they’re afraid of running into a high-pressure sales situation with an agent who only wants to get their listing. That’s why Mya has decided to offer her report to every area homeseller, regardless of whether they hire her as their agent.

“Some people may not even be ready to sell their home right away, they just want information to help them make the right decision down the road,” Mya says. “That’s fine. My goal is just to get the information out there and make the real estate process smoother for everyone by creating more educated consumers.”

Easily and Quickly Accessible

She has also completely eliminated their need to fear a high-pressure sales pitch by making the report available through her special toll-free information hotline. Interested home owners simply call (800) 625-6313 Ext. 3263, and listen to a brief recorded message which gives them instructions on how to order the report. In most cases, the report can be sent out the same day their call is received.

Long known as a cutting-edge professional in the Fayette County real estate community, Mya has consistently used the latest technology to produce successful home sales for a growing number of area residents. Anyone with questions about the special report or real estate can contact Mya Carden of ERA Jo-Par Realty at (770)714-8258.

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