Living with staph -- info from Ga. DHR

Sat, 03/10/2007 - 3:30pm
By: The Citizen

DHR MRSA brochure spreads the word and not germs

ATLANTA (GA) – Georgia residents living with methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) are receiving a helping hand from the Georgia Department of Human Resources about the dangers, spread and prevention of the disease with an educational brochure titled “Living with MRSA: A Guide for Patients and Families.”

MRSA, a type of staph bacteria that causes skin infections, is primarily spread by direct, physical contact and can be life-threatening. Recent reports of MRSA related deaths have prompted the Division of Public Health to take immediate action and control the spread of the disease by increasing public awareness.

“The only true way to prevent the continued spread of MRSA is to educate the public about this disease and patients and families who are most affected by it,” says Stuart Brown, MD, director of the DHR Division of Public Health. “This apparatus helps us do just that.”

The “Living with MRSA: A Guide for Patients and Families” brochure is currently available online at The brochure offers useful information on how affected individuals and the community can minimize the spread of MRSA by understanding the disease and practicing a good hygiene regimen that includes thoroughly washing hands.

The disease is hard to treat with commonly used antibiotics due to its resistance to certain medications. However, if left untreated, MRSA can lead to life-threatening blood or bone infections.

The disease was previously believed to be found mainly in hospitals and nursing homes. Yet, MRSA is now more prevalent in places where there are crowds of people such as schools, gyms and jails. It is also becoming more common among young children and adults who have no history of medical problems and are seemingly healthy.

For more information on MRSA and to access the “Living with MRSA: A Guide for Patients and Families” brochure, please visit the Division of Public Health’s website at

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