Software to help PTC firefighters

Thu, 03/01/2007 - 5:22pm
By: John Munford

Provides peek into building plan, schematics

The Peachtree City Fire Department is purchasing a software program that will compile building plans for 210 critical locations in Peachtree City.

The plans, which will be available to staff in the field, give firefighters access to schematics and other information that could be crucial in terms of battling a fire or handling other significant emergency events, officials said.

The department will use the $108,000 authorized by the City Council to target high-risk buildings including some in the industrial park that contain hazardous materials. The city’s schools would also be included because of the high number of people present during the school day, said Capt. Ron Mundy of the Peachtree City Fire Department.

The software is also the same used by the Georgia Mutual Aid Group, which would be essential in case of an emergency that required input from other nearby agencies, officials said.

The department is also purchasing a separate software package for $5,800 that will improve the turnaround time for ambulance staffers at the hospital. Although this item wasn’t in this year’s budget, the fire department said it could save that amount this year by putting off the replacement of “stair chair” equipment that was initially projected. The stair chairs are in much better shape now due to better maintenance, Mundy said.

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