Businesses in storage units disturb commissioner

Tue, 02/27/2007 - 5:21pm
By: John Thompson

County Commissioner Eric Maxwell is stunned about some of the locations that some of the county’s business owners use for their offices.

Maxwell’s concern occurred during a discussion at last Thursday’s meeting considering use requirements in the county’s M-1 Light Industrial Zoning district.

Zoning administrator Dennis Dutton was explaining that his department had worked up on cleaning up some of the uses allowed in the district. The district is meant for light industrial use, but limited to uses because of the proximity of residential and commercial districts.

Some of the new uses allowed in the district would be graphics services, building construction and contracting, courier services and land development services.

Commissioner Eric Maxwell asked for examples of the district, and Dutton explained that the northern areas of Ga. Highway 85 and Ga. Highway 314 were prime examples.

Maxwell also wondered if it was true that many businesses were locating offices in self-storage facilities in the light industrial district.

Dutton said that was true, and involved such examples as contractors who may have supplies stored in one unit and use another unit for an office. Dutton said the county was working to make sure that no retail operations were conducted out of the units.

But as Maxwell looked over the list, he pointed out the permitted uses included such items as farm equipment sales and feed sales and was amazed that this type of business was allowed to occur in the county.

“I guess I’ve just never done business with someone who operates out of a storage facility,” he said.

Maxwell said the county needs to further investigate the issue.

“I’ve got a problem with allowing more stuff on [Hwy.] 85. It’s becoming a dumping place for obnoxious things,” he said.

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