Dangerous railroad intersection getting improved

Mon, 02/19/2007 - 9:33am
By: John Thompson

After nearly six years of work by its staff, the town of Tyrone will finally get to have one its dangerous railroad crossings fixed.

Tyrone Town Manager Barry Amos told the Town Council Thursday night that the crossing at Valleywood Road will be closed by the DOT. The crossing was the site of two fatalities in 2001, and town officials have been looking for a solution for years.

Not only has DOT agreed to close the crossing, but it will also fund improvements to extend Park Drive to East Crestwood’s rail crossing. The total reconfiguration project is just over $1 million, but DOT plans to fund all but a tiny portion of it.

“It will cost us between $5,000-$10,000,” Amos said.

Staff has continually met with DOT on the project, and Amos said DOT finally moved it up on the list to be funded. Town officials will only be responsible for a small section of Park Drive, that is next to Fabon Brown Park. The rest of the project will be built by DOT and the CSX Railroad.

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