Been there, done that!

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Anyone alive in PTC? Anyone remember why Mayor Brown was elected in the first place? Shall we forget the 'tennis center deal', which was, to say the least, questionable? Shall we ignore the fact that of the illegal loan of $1.2M only about $300,000 whent into the actual center? Where did the rest go????? Shall we also forget who pushed it through? Does anyone remember the G.O.B. administration that did all this? Forgot? Take a look at the supporters of Logsdon.Guess PTC doesn't like to hear nasty things about itself, even if it is true. Time for complacency and the PTC citizens to go back into never never land and dream of golfing and pretend everything will be fine with the 'new' G.O.B. who seems to stand for nothing, will comment on nothing, has no plan, refuses to comment on any significant issues, and promises only to replace our current mayor with a silent smiling face, and nothing else! Guess that's good enough for PTC! Also, PTC should be ashamed that of a community of over 34,000, and over 20,000 registeresd voters, the election had just 7,000 participants. You next mayor, no matter who it is, will probably get the post with less than 10% of the populace voting. Time to back to sleep PTC!

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