PTC Fire Dept. celebrates successful year

Thu, 02/15/2007 - 11:17am
By: The Citizen

PTC Fire Department, rookie of the year

The Peachtree City Fire Department celebrated its successful past year with awards and the installation of the new slate of officers for the Volunteer Firefighter’s Association on January 27 at Glendalough Manor in Tyrone.

Members were honored by the presence of Mayor Harold Logsdon, City Manager Bernie McMullen, Councilwoman Judi-Ann Rutherford, Chief Stony Lohr, their spouses and former Mayor Bob Lenox who spoke to the more than 100 in attendance.

Many were honored for their service and notable among these were: Andy Lee, Career Firefighter of the Year; Josh Crawford, Part-time Firefighter of the Year; John D. Waters Jr., Volunteer Firefighter of the Year; Mike Mewborn, Career EMS Provider of the Year; Joe O’Conor, Career Officer of the Year; Elda Pope, Volunteer EMS Provider of the Year; Gary Half, Volunteer Officer of the Year; and Kyle Prince, Rookie of the Year.

The career staff on duty and those unable to attend were awarded gift certificates for use at Outback Steakhouse.

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