Residents not happy with village concept

Thu, 02/08/2007 - 3:37pm
By: The Citizen

Coweta County residents packed the County Commission chambers Tuesday and made it quite clear they were not too happy with one of the county’s new proposed zoning categories.

The nearly two-hour discussion centered around the controversial village centers concept that clusters high density development in area around the county.

Planning Director Robert Tolleson explained the centers would provide space for up to 2,000 households in an area of no more than 800 acres. Each center would have a full mix of public services, along with commercial space. Other types of village centers would include Mill Villages, to complement the county’s historic mills and Crossroads Communities, which could be located at nearly 20 locations throughout the county. Crossroads Communities would comprise 25-100 acres and be located at intersections where there is already a sense of place, Tolleson said.

But the residents, especially in the Roscoe area, where a new village center is planned, weren’t buying it.

“We’ve got to put a stop to it. I want to see the greenspace, it’s just time to say no to development,” said Parks Road resident Mary Fowler.

Cindy Neal, said she had just moved from a village outside Dallas, Tx. and the scenario is far better than the reality.

“It sounded nice, but there were no services provided. You still had to drive to shopping areas,” she said.

After hearing the residents complain, the County Commission voted to continue the public hearing until March 15.

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