Local company brings the theater experience home

Tue, 02/06/2007 - 2:19pm
By: Kristine Loughman

It used to be that you had to be rich and famous to get a personal theater in your own home. Tours of celebrity houses always showcased these rooms with giant televisions, comfortable furniture and great entertainment value. But these days, more and more people are building or converting rooms in their own homes to create home theaters for their family and friends to enjoy.

Jazzy Home Theater, a company locally owned and operated, is here to tell you that home theaters are not just for the wealthy or high end real estate anymore. Home theaters can be designed with your budget in mind and can be as elaborate as you like.

Owner Kevin Carter first started the business five years ago with his brother Keith by his side. “It started as a hobby,” Kevin says. “We did small projects for friends and fellow church members, it didn’t begin as a job.” The brothers were fascinated by the equipment available in the home theater industry, from projecters to plasma screens. As the hobby grew, friends Clarence Spencer and Anthony Hagan joined the venture, which quickly evolved into a business they all enjoyed doing.

Clarence and Anthony are electricians and contractors by trade and Keith takes care of sales and marketing. “Our company motto is to deliver our products and services with unquestionable quality,” owner Kevin says.
Jazzy home theaters are custom built according to each customer’s needs. Jazzy specializes in the installation of audio and video equipment, including projectors, 80-119-inch television screens, Plasma & LCD TVs, surround sound and custom in-wall speaker systems. The home theater project can also include upgrade trim and woodwork and fixtures to accentuate the room and pull the look together.

“Home theaters are great if you like to do a lot of entertaining or host events or even just spend an intimate night at home with the family just as if you were in a movie theater,” Kevin says. He says that some customers use an existing room to create their home theater, while others convert an unfinished basement. One recent project included raising the floor and finishing the room, then adding the existing furniture for an enhanced room overall.

“Home theaters are a hot item right now,” Kevin says. He points out that the rooms are recognized in the appraisal market as an amenity that increases the value of a home. “A dedicated home theater room may add up to $35,000 to the home’s value,” he says, adding that it is now more common than ever for homeowners to be able to afford a system.

Home theater work doesn’t have to be confined to one room, either. A recent Jazzy Home Theater job included installing custom surround sound speakers throughout the house, set up with zones so each area could have its own controlled system to enjoy music and TV stereo sound. “Our favorite part of the job is creating a system that capture’s the home owner’s personal touch,” Kevin says.

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For more information about Jazzy Home Theaters, call owner Kevin Carter at 404-663-7686.

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