Chamber members ‘raise the bar’

Tue, 01/30/2007 - 3:06pm
By: Carolyn Cary

The Fayette County Chamber of Commerce issued several annual awards at its 40th anniversary banquet.

The Chet Wells Award was established in 1971 as the Chairman’s Award, and was renamed in 1982 for Chet Wells, a man who gave much time and effort to building and growing the Chamber.

It was given to Pat Murphy, who is the Director of Office and Industrial Development for Pathway Communities.

Mark Gray, outgoing chair of the Chamber, said that a single word to describe Murphy would be “passion.” Passion for his family, his community, and for his fellow man.

“His love of people and his sincere belief,” said Gray, “that we can all achieve greater things simply by identifying what we are passionate about, sparks enthusiasm in everyone he comes into contact with.”

Under his leadership, they started a program to provide books to prisoners, purchase golf carts for Piedmont Fayette Hospital to transport patients to and from the parking area, and has raised thousands of dollars for other charitable organizations in the county.

“He has raised the bar and has instilled a sense of volunteerism in those that will lead our community in the future,” Gray said.

The Dreambuilder Award was first given in 2002 to two individuals who had spent most of their adult life to making things better for Fayette County.

The award recognizes the winner’s vision for the community and has selflessly given of their time and talents to make a difference in their county.

The award was given posthumously to the late Floy Farr, who died this past September 29th. His daughter-in-law, Wendie Farr, received the award on behalf of the family.

Farr was instrumental in the first telephones in the western part of Fayette County, the formation of the Fayette-Coweta Electric Membership Corporation, and along with Joel Cowan, and helped to oversee the building of the first pre-planned city in Georgia, better known as Peachtree City.

“He was one of those people,” said Mark Gray, “with whom you could have a ‘one-on-one’ conversation. He was a trusted and wise advisor, and a caring and giving gentleman, an altruistic community builder, and a loving husband, father, and father-in-law.”

The Ambassadors are a dedicated group of business people who welcome new businesses at Ribbon Cuttings, help to greet and mentor newcomers to the Fayette County Chamber membership, and welcome participants at Chamber events.

They can be easily identified by the familiar red coats and red ribbons they wear at Chamber events.

The award is based on their attendance at events, successful mentoring relationships, exceptional efforts at meeting and greeting during events, and general assistance to the Chamber.

The winner of this award went to Linda North, who has been an ambassador since 2005.

She has been volunteering for over 20 years with the Little League Baseball and softball organization.

When interviewed for the Chamber publication, “Voice of Business” she said ‘I thoroughly believe that belonging to something means being involved and engaged in it. Life is what you make of it.’

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