Sewer deal approved

Mon, 01/29/2007 - 10:31am
By: Ben Nelms

It may not be the most colorful topic on anyone’s short list but it clears up a problem that has been years in the making. Fairburn City Council Jan. 22 approved a measure adopted by the Tyrone Town Council in late 2006 that settles what has been a sticky issue over a portion of the town’s sewage needs.

Under the agreement, Fairburn approved Tyrone’s purchase of up to 250,000 gallons of sewage treatment per day, approximately one-fourth of Fairburn’s one million gallon capacity at Fulton County’s Camp Creek Plant. Fairburn approved the proposed $1.06 million deal for the quarter-million gallon capacity along with $227,486 for capital and engineering costs incurred by Fairburn over the past four years, said City Administrator Jim Williams. Tyrone has already paid $570,000 of the total amount, leaving a balance of approximately $720,000, Williams said.

“This proposal has gone back and forth for three or four years,” Williams said, noting that the proposal pre-dated Fairburn’s more recent decision not to construct its own wastewater treatment facility and to rely instead on arrangements with Fulton County. “I think Tyrone feels pretty good about this agreement and I’m recommending that the council approve it.”

Williams said that under the agreement, Tyrone would pay a portion of the $720,000 in cash and finance up to $540,000 for up to five years at an interest rate of six percent. The cash amount due Fairburn would equal approximately $180,000 if the entire $540,000 was financed, he said.

Once the cash payment is made Tyrone will begin paying a wholesale rate plus 15 percent compared to the retail rate previously paid.

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