Commission reduces setbacks for downtown lots

Mon, 01/29/2007 - 10:30am
By: Ben Nelms

Tyrone Planning Commission Jan. 25 approved a variance request to reduce setbacks to 10 feet on two adjacent lots located along Brentwood Road between Arrowood Road and Howell Park. The properties are in the Main Street area near Triangle Park.

“Both properties have three front yards,” said applicant David Millican. “We’re trying to get to the point of developing the properties, holding to the Main Street considerations from the mayor and council.”

Addressing commissioners, Town Manager Barry Amos said the request, tabled from the December meeting, met the conditions for a variance. Amos also said the triple frontage of both lots was a unique situation for Tyrone.

“In May 2006 the mayor and council adopted a concept plan for the downtown area for inclusion in the comprehensive plan to revitalize and energize downtown with an old-town, pedestrian friendly look and parking tucked away behind the buildings,” Amos said. “This plan tends to go along with that.”

Amos said town staff recommended approval of the variance request with four conditions. Those included the installation of sidewalks, permitting no parking other than on-street parking along Senoia Road, requiring a minimum 20-foot landscape buffer along Arrowood Road and landscaping along Howell Park and Arrowood.

The board approved the request, voting 3-1 in favor of the request with staff recommendations. Commissioners David Nebergall, Jesse Nasiancerno and Kevin Edwards voted in favor of the motion. Commissioner Kevin Gooding was opposed.

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