Starr's Mill swimmers take second at Clayton County meet

Fri, 01/26/2007 - 9:51am
By: Michael Boylan

The Starr’s Mill Panthers swim team finished second at the Clayton County Invitational with the boys placing second and the girls placing first.

There were a number of top 10 finishes for the teams in relay events. The boys placed second, sixth and seventh in the 200 medley relay, first and sixth in the 200 freestyle relay and first in the 400 freestyle relay. The girls took first, third and sixth in the 200 medley relay, first, fourth, seventh and eighth in the 200 freestyle and first, third and seventh in the 400 freestyle.

Top 10 finishers in individual events were:
200 Freestyle: (Boys)Ryan Haycraft 5th, (Girls)Katie Haycraft 1st, Lauren Scott 3rd, and Paige Koren 7th.

200 IM: Matt Boyle 3rd, Nathan Raymond 5th, (Girls)Bailey Garrot 3rd.

50 Free: (Boys)David Wright 1st, Alex Tovani 5th, Chris Hall 7th, Alex Ritchie 10th. (Girls)Bailey Cartwright 1st, Kristen Schroder 2nd, Sarah Larson 3rd, Rebecca Goodman 4th, Lauren Beatty 5th.

100 Fly: Lauren Beatty 2nd, Bailey Garrot 3rd
100 Free: (Boys)David Wright 1st, Eric Presley 2nd, Drew Clasen 5th, (Girls) Lauren Cartwright 1st, Kristen Bates 2nd, Lauren Scott 4th, Sarah Larson 5th, Megan Copeland 7th, Alex Curtis 8th, Paige Koren 10th

500 Free: (Boys)Chris Hall 2nd, (Girls)Katie Haycraft 1st, Megan Copeland 2nd

100 Back:: (Boys)Ryan Haycraft 2nd, Drew Clasen 9th, Carl Hersom 10th, (Girls)Bailey Cartwright 1st, NEW STATE CUT!, , Kristen Schroder 4th, Taylor Lego 5th, Anna Maher 10th.

100 Breast: (Boys)Nathan Raymond 7th, Austin Ellyson 8th, (Girls)Lauren Cartwright 1st, Rebecca Goodman 7th, Kelly Wenrick 8th.

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