Out of town PTC carts: 600+

Thu, 01/25/2007 - 4:31pm
By: John Munford

Peachtree City now has more than 7,700 golf carts which have been registered as part of the city’s new registration process.

And so far another 637 non-city residents have signed up for their new decal, according to city spokesperson Betsy Tyler. Out of city owners must pay a $60 annual fee instead of the normal $12 fee assessed residents every five years.

The city has several path connections that lead outside the city limits including to the south near the Starr’s Mill school complex and to the north toward Tyrone. A number of residents in the Marnelle Mobile Home Park just outside the eastern city limits also use golf carts in the city, as do some county residents along Sumner Road, Tyler said.

Meanwhile, there are still some carts being driven out there without the new yellow decal, and the police department has issued eight citations, Tyler noted.

The fine for driving an improperly registered cart is $80, and anyone so fined would still have to pay the additional $12 to register the cart, Tyler said.

The new system was adopted so the city could have a more current record of who owns which cart. The previous list became terribly outdated to the point where the information was largely unreliable. That unfortunately affected police investigations of cart-related incidents, officials said.

If the registration program has any profit above the costs of mailing and handling the permits, the extra money will be earmarked for improvements to the cart path system.

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