Brigham retires after 23 years

Tue, 01/23/2007 - 4:05pm
By: The Citizen

Brigham retires after 23 years

The Rev. Dan Brigham, rector of St. Andrew’s in-the-Pines Episcopal Church in Peachtree City for 23 years, retired Jan. 14, giving his final sermon to 324 people who attended the morning services. Brigham officiated at his last baptism at St. Andrew’s, baptizing William Benjamin Pullin, son of Ben and Stephanie Pullin.

Many former parishioners and visitors from out of town attended the morning services and the afternoon reception hosted by the Episcopal Church Women.

Brigham addressed his congregation with one final sermon and said, “I will not and cannot end my life here in one grand finale, something like a classical concerto or symphony as if all that I stand for and hold dear could be tricked out in a blaze of oratory, or a few simple words.”

Travel and teaching are included in his future plans. He said, “I plan to refurbish my command of Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek and then to learn Portuguese in order to go to Brazil and find employment teaching in a seminary. God has given me an embarrassing list of talents of which I have been a poor, slothful servant, who unfortunately will have to make an accounting before the Tribunal of Heaven.”

Brigham added, “The function of a priest is to aid his parishioners in attaining the kingdom of heaven ... It is my hope that I have helped you see a little farther down that Christian road.”

In closing his sermon, Brigham said, “The only reason I ever had in becoming a priest was to work for the glory of God and the glory of his kingdom, and to my dying day that will be my song.”

Brigham was honored and surprised with a monetary gift from friends and well wishers. Church members Honey Corbin and Joy Boyden compiled two photography albums depicting highlights of the many memorable events and scenes of St. Andrew’s.

Brigham’s secretary, Fran Plunket, presented him with a book of “Father Dan’s ‘Famous’ Quotes.” Vestry member Fred Burdeshaw presented Brigham with his original oil painting of St. Andrew’s.

Boy Scout Troop 29 scoutmaster Dave Dale presented Brigham with a framed collection of newly released first edition stamps honoring St. Andrew’s of Scotland. The troop also gave Brigham a pocket watch engraved with an eagle for his support of Eagle Scout projects.

Brigham will remain in Peachtree City while preparing for his upcoming travels.

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