Time running out to pay late stormwater bills

Tue, 12/26/2006 - 3:44pm
By: John Munford

PTC will hand delinquent accounts to agency Jan. 1, adding 27 percent fee

Anyone who’s late paying their 2006 stormwater bill in Peachtree City has until the end of the year to avoid a 27 percent markup when a collection agency assumes the bill collection process, officials said.

Approximately 650 bills remain unpaid, according to city spokesperson Betsy Tyler. The bills were initially due May 1, and second-notice bills were mailed in July.

For homeowners, the bills ranged from $32.28 to $72, depending on the amount of impervious space on their parcel.

The property owner of record on April 1, 2006 is legally responsible for the 2006 stormwater utility bill, Tyler said.

The City Council recently approved a contract with a collections company to handle the delinquent accounts. Under that deal, the city will get its full payment and the company, Revenue Discovery Systems, will assess a 27 percent fee to each late bill it collects.

Stormwater fees were also imposed on non-residential properties, which are being billed monthly. All told, the city’s commercial and industrial properties were anticipated to pay $208,000 a year in stormwater fees while residential properties would pay $268,000 a year, according to staff projections in February.

The city began the stormwater utility last year to fund repairs and improvements to the stormwater drainage system, which diverts rain from the road system and other areas. The funds will go to pay for special staffing including two three-man crews for repair and maintenance work on facilities such as culverts and drainpipes.

The city has also compiled a $3.57 million capital improvement plan for stormwater projects. Those projects will be funded with long-term financing.

The city will mail out its annual residential stormwater bills in late March.

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