Today's comments

I'm not going to say anything about congressmen and IMs, civil war in Iraq, dundering congressional house speakers, national debt, incompetent local reps, military deaths this week, Hugo Chavez, our wonderful sec. of state, our wonderful sec. of defense, and of course our President. However, there were a few things said yesteday that need comment: We have had two killed here in PTC now on golf carts and numerous wounded. DON'T blame it all on teenagers, however. Speed and alcohol is the problem. Some carts will "fly." Make the repair places govern the speed controls as they repair them. Another job for PTC police! Also, the sheriff said he saw nothing wrong so far in his office. I hope he is right. If he is, we should jail about 500 people for saying something does stink! The "stinking" stuff in Fairburn somehow scares the pants off some of our politicians--not the stink, the fact that it apparently exists. State denies it exists. Governor Purdue wanting to give $100,000 income old people a tax break makes sense. Anybody who can accumulate that much pensions off taxpayers deserves to be rewarded. As to the selfish sick, bullies who crowd in auto lines at exits instead of lining up like everyone else, I suggest we start shooting them with permanent marker paint balls to mark them---not pistols like they use in California. Every time Hillary's name is mentioned in Fayette, the boos come out. Personally, I think if we had elected her seven years ago our health and war problems wouldn't exist. The fellow or madam who told some Irish jokes did lighten up the place a little, I plan to do some Polish, German, Italian, African, English, Scottish, Jewish, Muslimanic, and Buddhist jokes, myself, soon

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