Program provides mammograms to women at low or no cost to eligible women in Georgia

Tue, 09/26/2006 - 3:18pm
By: Michael Boylan

The Georgia Department of Human Resources and the American Cancer Society recommend that women 40 and older have regular mammograms.

According to the DHR 2004 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), DHR estimates that approximately 26 percent of Georgia women who are 40 and older have not received breast cancer screenings in the past two years.
It is important to detect breast cancer as early as possible, when it is most successfully treated. Being female puts women at higher risk of developing the disease.

The BreasTEST & MORE Program, in county health departments statewide, provides clinical breast examinations, Pap tests, and mammogram referrals to eligible women 40 and older.
About 15,000 Georgia women receive screening services through BreasTEST & MORE each year.
Since 1995, the BreasTEST & MORE Program has diagnosed nearly 2,000 Georgia women with cancer.

If you are a woman 40 to 64 years old and cannot afford a mammogram, you may be eligible to receive the health screenings you need at no or low cost through the BreasTEST & MORE Program.
To learn more about services in your area, call the Fayette County Health Department at 770-461-1178, ext. 5416 and ask for the BreasTEST & MORE Coordinator.

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