smartpanz: Prominite Local Attorney Dies

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Robert "Bobby" H. Suttles well known in Fayette and Clayton Counties, died on Thursday December 3rd.

Mr. Suttles was a long time member of the Georgia Bar Association, Georgia Association Of Criminal Defense Lawyers. And practiced in and around Fayette County for 24 years.

smartpanz: SMARTPANZ vs Smartypants

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Um Let me clear something up...Some of you are obviously confused and I see why...Someone created a user name very similar to mine, which explains the email's I'm bombarded with over this Kroger issue! I don't know who the other individual is but she's confusing folks.

smartpanz: Woman blames the CITIZEN for her DUI

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Today I attended the probation revocation hearing for "Melissa Painter" the woman who caused the accident in PTC that took the life of my former husband "Lennie Dunn" and his friend "John Minaberry".

smartpanz: Accountability and Judges....

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I'm glad I live in Fayette County!

I recently assisted in a trial in another county in which there were two defendants. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that a murder trial with two defendants are most likely going to take a week or two, especially since the two individuals charged with murder were tried together and not severed. Thus there would be a lot of evidence to be presented, witnesses to testify, etc. and it would most definitely be time consuming any way you look at it.

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